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BHSS pricing includes all shipping to the continental US.

Ordering & Catalog Information

We require an FFL or firearms related business/tax license to be on file in order to receive and purchase from our catalog. For the firearms related licensed (non-FFL), we require additional documentation, such as EIN, store front photo, firearms related website, or gun show vendor receipts. We do accept faxed copies of your license. We do not accept the Class 03 (Curio & Relics) FFL as eligibility to purchase.  Sorry, we do not do any retail sales. As a wholesale distributor, we refuse to compete with our customers for sales.

Law enforcement agencies and individual officers are allowed to purchase for the sole purpose of assisting officer training and not for resale, sworn officers only. Department orders are honored. We do ask that you provide a purchase order, voucher, or send your request on department letterhead authorizing the purchase.

International sales, please e-mail for information and quotes. BHSS has an export license. Our prices include shipping to your freight forwarder in the continental US. If you do not have a freight forwarder, we can locate the most suitable one to meet your needs. Our inventory is large enough to handle volume purchases.

Please feel free to e-mail orders. We do not currently have an online ordering system. Please include customer name and zip code with your order. Please call ahead with credit card information, for your convenience, we will keep this information on file for future orders. Please specify brand preference where applicable.

 All prices include regular UPS/Fed EX ground shipping and the $27.50 hazardous material fee to the continental US. There is no charge for credit cards and no hidden charges. The price you see is the price you pay. Our minimum order is $100.00. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover (We charge nothing for using a credit card). COD orders are welcome, but there is a UPS $11.00 fee per package. Maximum UPS package weight is 70 pounds. Business check COD and open accounts are available upon completion and approval of application. Money wires and prepayment are accepted.


BHSS mails new catalogs every 3 months. BHSS has 2 levels of purchasing included in each catalog. Our ACP level covers all orders up to 500 pounds.  Orders 500 pounds and over can take advantage of our MAX discount level pricing. The MAX discount program ships via common carrier instead of UPS ground shipping. The ACP/MAX sections are designated on the top of each page of the catalog. Sorry, no COD's are available for the MAX discount program. BHSS offers an OEM only catalog as well, that includes many additional products.

BHSS will custom package your orders. Winchester product is now packaged by Winchester and we are unable to alter the package quantities. We do still custom package Remington, Rainer, and other items to fit your custom need. We will package, heat seal, and label in bags of 20, 50, 100, 250 as you specify. The cost of this service is 25 cents per bag.

BHSS recognizes customers needs for fast, friendly, accurate service. If you do encounter a problem with your order, we will do everything in our power to reconcile this in a timely fashion. Orders are processed no later than next business day.

Clicking on any manufacturer logo throughout our webpage, will take you directly to the manufacturer's website.


Many items on the product pages are listed as (Seasonal). Manufacturers produce these items on a "built-to-order" basis, once per year. Manufacturers reserve the right to not produce the "Seasonal" items when demand does not meet the manufacturing minimum. These items could be out of stock for extended periods of time.

Select items from Remington are listed as (Special Run). Black Hills Shooters Supply will order these items only if demand warrants a production request. These items require large minimum run quantities and there may be extended periods of out of stock. In some cases, we may never reorder after original run is sold out.